Tea enjoyment is not about quantity, and it is not picky about religion; rather, it is about the quality and the sense of calm that comes from mastering the skill of drinking tea. A place with the right climate and soil conditions is required to cultivate tea of a high enough quality to be considered good tea. Only after the leaves have been meticulously fertilized, gathered at the correct time and impregnated, scented, carefully cooked, and cared for from a place of passion can an Essence Tea be produced.

If Tea is an elegant and sophisticated pleasure, then Coffee is passionate and intense love. Good coffee must be grown at an altitude of over 1.200m, on fertile basalt soil, cared for and meticulously harvested at the right ripeness to achieve the ideal hardness and thickness. Roasted coffee then has rich taste and balanced acidcity.

Doi Dep, which was born in the green hills of Oolong Tea, is enthralled by the poetry of sipping a cup of tea that hasn’t been tampered with in any way. And without remembering when that love turned into passion and pride, Doi Dep cherished the aspiration to share with friends from all over the world the beautiful riches of motherland Bao Loc.

Despite the strict requirements of geography, farming and processing techniques, the art of enjoying Tea – Coffee gradually loses its pure essence, or becomes luxurious and difficult to access in the midst of busy life. of the times, Doi Dep still pursues the ideal of bringing this beautiful culture back, more popular, closer to Vietnamese resident and people all around the world while still keeping the essence and soul of Vietnamese Tea and Coffee.

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