From the prestigious coffee plateau to the product in your hands

With the belief that the quality of Vietnamese coffee beans and tea leaves from the caring hands of industrious farmers, to a closed production process, Gunam is confident to bring customers delicious coffee and tea cups which meet “standard taste” of Vietnamese people.


GUNAM is the crystallization of the intense love for coffee beans along with the understanding of the need for a cup of coffee for coffee lovers with no time to prepare coffee in the midst of a busy society.

In order to produce the right filtered Viet Coffee Flavor, GUNAM had to be very careful in each process. GUNAM instant coffee uses fresh ingredients grown in the famous Bao Loc plateau. Then, each coffee bean is hand-selected and undergoes a standard roasting process from experienced artisans. Before going on the market, GUNAM’s products must go through a quality appraisal process to give consumers a complete cup of safe and delicious coffee.

GUNAM wishes that each cup of coffee will bring customers the perfect enjoyment of the taste of Vietnamese coffee.

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